30 Days to Peace and Joy

Journey to Transformation in Daily Bites

A Journey of Transformation 

In the next 30 days, you will be given a bite a day. This is not your typical devotional where you go. The purpose of this book is a large undertaking. It is designed to shift your thinking in a major way with the goal of eliminating the things that are preventing peace and joy from your life and including some things that will add it to your life. They may be things you don’t even realize. If you did you probably would have eliminated or added them before now. you will be given small daily bites, you will be asked to do some real work each day. If you really want to change, there is work involved. It requires mindfulness and intention, so make sure you are fully present to each day and lesson and do the work asked with energy and commitment. At the end of 30 days is a guide to morning and evening suggested exercises. This will help to make a habit of your regular day’s processing. You may start before 30 days but the exercises are based on the cumulative knowledge imparted over the 30 days.

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